After retiring to Jeffreys Bay about 6 years ago, this bubbly and enthusiastic entrepreneur started a small craft business using recycled paper.

Recycled Paper Products include a number of everyday items, such as coasters, hotpot mats, bowls of varying sizes (some with lids and some without), toothpick holders and dishes of varying size, to name a few.

The latest addition to her plethora of products areĀ  beads which are also made from paper and come in various colours and lengths.No two necklaces are the same. Bracelets and earrings areĀ  also available.

All products are crafted from recycled leaflets from various super markets,recycled magazines etc. All items etc stay the same and the last sentence the same.

She works from home and sells the products at various craft markets and a couple of shops in Jefffreys Bay and Port Elizabeth, so be sure to keep a look out for these eco-friendly household necessities!

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Mobile: 072 280 2084